Nothing soothes There is no balm The seconds slice in Like thorns Stuck Stuck Stuck in a rut I can't untangle my soul Living is slow decay that People fight against But here's me A willing victim Stuck Stuck Stuck in a rut



Slatted windows filter in Slatted rays and slatted shade Slatted love for slotted people Slatted the depths of my heart remain Dappled light through tall trees stream Dappled woven memories of you Dappled love in tiny fragments shatter Dappled, forked alleys in silent prisms of dreams Speckled coats still as the night Speckled bands' venomous... Continue Reading →

The Suri Chronicles – Part 2

There's nothing quite like arriving at your holiday destination early morning on the first day. I've always been super possessive about vacation days. If I can fly out the night before or early morning the day of, I feel like I've gained time. I do know that's not how traveling within the same time zone... Continue Reading →

The Suri Chronicles – Part 1

Recounting details of a trip years after the event without having jotted down any observations at the time for my great age is like recreating a Dali painting¬† you saw all of once from memory. But I shall try nonetheless. Four of us, bright eyed and bushy tailed travelers (Yeah, right. Who am I kidding,... Continue Reading →

A Narcissist Kayak Ride

My story at present, albeit morbidly portrayed, is thus I shock, giggle, gossip but absolutely hate a fuss A little jaded, aged, somewhat wilted A few times cruel, in equal measure jilted Caterpillars and tadpoles grown One I named me, one I grew out of - I miss her. I mourn Lacklustre ticks and tocks... Continue Reading →

A palmful of soil

The concept of mystical green thumbed beings has always seemed a little dodgy to me. What makes one person a foliage whispering garden nymph while the rest of us are human potatoes? I resent that. So I have killed many plants over the years. Mostly neglect due to heavy work load and of course the... Continue Reading →

Midriff Gyrations and Balcony Rumination

What makes your iridescent, savage heart tick? What annihilates you, wrings you asunder? Do you pin your hopes on the day after and through the seconds, minutes and hours, flounder-- Do you dream, and invoke your mind? Are you catatonic, your neural alleys in a deep, dark bind? Do you discover dancing shapes in wispy,... Continue Reading →

A question of survival

Riding a cycle used to be a survival skill. Like swimming. I hope it's in the past tense like I think it is. Why? Why do we assume there'll be a cycle at the ready during an emergency in this day and age? And you don't even have to know how to ride a bike... Continue Reading →

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