Bond… enough said!


Okay, so, any person with any ‘intel’ on the secret life of Priya Goswami is inadvertently aware of two things. Her love for Vampires and subsequent rage at Stephanie Meyer and her deep adoration of a certain 00 Agent in Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

So it’s Bond time once more after a 5 year hiatus thanks to Sony/MGM’s financial woes and boy have they D-E-L-I-V-E-R-E-D!! What’s amazing about Sam Mendes’ Skyfall is even a hard core Daniel Craig fan (yours truly) admits that it was the most evenly matched and balanced of all the Bond films. Javier Bardem was pure evil -Batman Villain-level genius. Silva’s mannerisms, vocal peculiarities, physical quirks were the mark of a truly psychotic, layered and disturbed man but in a way only Javier could have enacted. Craig was subtle (well, as subtle as Bond can afford to be), was more man conflicted yet determined to be loyal to his country than agent with cheesy and predictable habits (no caviar, champagne and tens of superfluous Bond girls!) And although the action sequences were aweeessooommeeee (dudeeeeee!), the basic story line and plot movement was simple, clear and almost realistic (I am gonna say it again – real for Bond… Err no, even that sounds wrong!) Let’s just say Ian Fleming might not wholly approve, but the 21st century audience loved loved loved it! Judi Dench made a dignified exit, Ralph Fiennes was woven in seamlessly and Q is just adorable!

Okay I sense I am gushing, but Naomi Harris as Moneypenny (or as my friend says “shouldn’t it be Moneypound, seeing the current inflation etc.”) was also a nice surprise but is currently on my hitlist having had 2 films with Johnny Depp and now a recurring role with Daniel Craig!

The funny moments were so effortless with Bond’s sneery half smile and witty wordplay, but funnier for me were the “Uh-uh, no you did-unt!!!” look of incredulity on Daniel’s face a couple of times which almost resulted in Sunny  Paaji-esque rage and what can be best described as the “Teri ma-di….” looks on various occasions on Bond and Tanner (or as the case might be for all in Her shadow… “teri ma’am di”!

But best yet : Bond may have been sentimental over M (mommy issues, mayhaps?) but at least he wasn’t falling in love or exacting revenge etc… Severine is dead (like Vesper –  muhahahahaha) and err, oh yes, BOND WILL RETURN!! “With pleasure”, he says, “with pleasure”. Well Mr Bond, the pleasure was ALL mine!!


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