And There Was Much Rejoicing In The Land

Haha! I love the randomness 🙂


Lunch with the beautiful Bhattacharjee sisters at Cafe Max!

The mother of all waylays. On a quick trip to Commercial Street to pick up a few necessities in what can be best described as deathcab for Priya (sorry, Sonu, you have got to calm down :P), we end up buying pretty outfits in Fab India and then a prolonged lunch in a very Halloween... Continue Reading →

The Titli Song Era :D

I used to love the old DD (Doordarshan) public service message ads. The favourite one being the one about conscientiously wearing a helmet while riding a bike. A serious voice would declare: "Marzii hai aapki akhir sarr hai apka..." while a brawny arm smashed two coconuts on a split screen with a huge hammer. One... Continue Reading →

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