Everything is not LOL with the world!


So, it has come to my attention that we as a generation (plus some strays from the older ones as well) have taken to using LOL so often and for everything which may or not may not be funny, we have lost the plot on general humour rules. I fear this “lol-ing” has encouraged far too many wise guys who crack insipid jokes and unfunny one liners. I appreciate the fact that most of us use LOL as a conversation filler. It’s the perfect word (if you will) to use when one either doesn’t know what to say (especially when the jokes are so bad you cringe and want to say piss off but lol is easier since making new friends aren’t easy) or if one simply doesn’t have the time (lol is firmly logged into muscle memory I believe). This is tragic. More tragic if you realise how we have branded all sorts of varied situations (humorous, witty, sarcastic  or otherwise) under the same banner “LOL”. What is even more embarrassing and disturbing is a google search on ‘LOL’. Miley freaking Cyrus’s picture pops up. What is this world coming to??!! (wrings hands in despair).


It is also factually impossible (yes, I am using that as second line of attack being of factually sound mind and body.) Laughing out loud is not something we can afford to do right in the middle of work or a film (not that I text during a film! Come on, so rude…) I propose “LIS” – laughing in silence (which is what we really do) or maybe “LIH”-laughing in head. Tried it with a sample group. Of 1. And since said sample group is bff and co-conspirator and fellow anti-social – it will remain exclusive to the two of us, not unlike “BIM” – blackberry instant message which did expand to some other friends and family only because it was incorporated so often into our day-to-day language unconsciously that to get through to us they just had to use the word or lose us altogether from the mortal sphere. Okay so we made people use the word. Fine. But wait, I digress. Coming back to texting offence #1: loose interpretation and irresponsible usage of “LOL”. I request all readers (which I know will again be limited to me and afore-mentioned bestie at best) to try and go easy on the phrase. Give people a chance to be actually funny. Put some real effort into making people laugh. At least try not putting it at the end of every text message, email, bim and FB comment. I assure you, it’s not helping anybody. (cue in judgy face)



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