On my radar this week :D

This has been a week of many new discoveries. Mostly personal (so, feel free to yawn). Let me list some:

Peplum dress, I would like to own one (Christmas wishlist to self).

Daft Punk, why haven’t I heard them on loop before? Something About Us is now playing in my head.

Silver Linings Playbook, crazy IS the new black and Bradley Cooper may have redeemed himself somewhat. I still haven’t decided if I like the face though (close set eyes – *shudder*.) Big cheer for Anupam Kher who proves that all Indian actors (read Anil Kapoor) do not overact or race-typecast in Hollywood films.

Spotify, this is the coolest music app ever for android and laptop, one should look beyond Grooveshark (especially for android as Groove Mobile will ALWAYS have problems.) Whatsapp, I don’t trust this app no more, it tells me I don’t have no status.

WorldofBooks.com, I am awaiting my books and if they do make an appearance, this is going to have my personal stamp of approval as the best on-line book store, if not, please do not visit this store and spend money.

Old Fashioned, this is an old favourite recently re-discovered renewed after the way The Orient Kitchen’s cocktail waitress made it and gave me a thumbs up approval being having chosen a “guy’s drink”.

Chicken Yakisoba at Wasabi, me no like – too cabbage-y, too bland. I shall go back to Karage salad, Katsu and Chicken Curry when I am not wolfing down general sushi items.

Poets of the Fall’s lead singer, Marko Saaresto- can I make his voice the voice of my conscience. I figure this way I will listen to myself a LOT.

Homeland, why haven’t I watched this before and if other people haven’t, they should start, also, finally helped me get rid of Claire Danes’ image as the slightly ditsy fallen ‘star’ in Stardust.


Sisley, A., the artist and his art, why have I been so fixated on Renoir and Monet that I haven’t seen this guy’s work more, and oh, that leads me to Gambit, which for its star cast is okay at best, has its funny moments but could do better.

Thick slices of cheese with jam/honey as breakfast item, this thing is so sinful you won’t eat more than one slice and that slice, my chubby friends is one too many


– p.s.: Lithuanians will force feed you as much as they can, move over Indian grandmas and aunties.



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