Taglines and ad jingles have a curious effect on a person’s perception regarding the company/product. I know the main purpose of using unique and recognisable taglines for any business is to instantly create a brand association within the target consumer’s mind. But sometimes innocent bystanders and channel surfers are caught in the crossfire. These are some of the ones I have come across some of which I think are quite quaint.

University of Greenwich, Business School (Employer & Alma Mater): “Taking Care of Business”. No comments.

University of Birmingham: “True Knowledge.” Ah!

Spinebreakers.co.uk (publishing branch of Penguin specialising in teen fiction as far as I am aware): “story-surfer, word-lover, day-dreamer, reader/writer/artist/thinker. I would have stopped (and did stop reading at) after “day-dreamer”. But I think it’s quite nice, especially for readers.

Jemina Khan (on Twitter):”A toe in the water. Now I’m up to my neck.” Always the case with most of what I do!

SRK (on Twitter):”  ” (come on we know he doesn’t need a tagline! Another one who doesn’t : Kim Kardashian. See, I rest my case.

The Ram Gopal Verma film,Kaun’ starring Urmila Matondkar: “Don’t Open The Door.” I don’t understand if the person who knocks tells you not to open the door after having knocked or a dire warning from the door itself?

There are a few more examples in this genre  Daag:  The Fire (How?? Unless it’s about burn marks?) Kabhie Khushi Khabhi Gham: It’s all about loving your parents (I thought it was about loving your children and letting them marry whoever they wanted?), Naqab: Disguised Intentions (Wow! That one came out of nowhere, I thought it was about a masquerade ball during the Regency period) – all interesting Bollywood films so, you get the picture. The only I don’t get is why all the taglines have to be in English?

Rajnigandha (and I can’t believe I am writing this) Premium Pan Masala: “Muh mein Rajnigandha, kadmon  mein duniya.” No matter how bad this ad is, you are unlikely to forget the tagline. It is also uncannily always the first ad I see on TV after I land in India from UK. Maybe it’s a sign 😛

the ultimate corporate/political/historical takeover fantasy

Durex: “Love. Sex. Durex.” It’s apt but I would put the Durex after “Love” and before “Sex” for step-by-step appropriateness. Also, might help err, new users more, nein?

Mamy Poko Pants (diapers): This one doesn’t need a tagline. It is just so weird on so many levels… *facepalm*

Twinings (Tea): “Gets you back to you.” I suppose it’s a way of saying the tea will revive you. But, be-spoiling Wherever You Will Go by The Calling in my head forever was not cool. *frown*

Finding my way back to myself

Lights by Tena: “For your oooops moments.” 😐 Never mind. *rolling eyes*

Taylors Coffee: Not a tagline but one of their coffees: Hot Lava Java. And instantly Jambalaya (On the Bayou) starts playing in my head. Thank God for Hank Williams.


Moto-Moto – hot dude hippo with the unibrow from Madagascar 2: Escape to Africa: “The name is so nice, you say it twice.” Now that is some attitude a woman’s got to love 😀
Gloria meets Moto-Moto


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