The weary watchers scheme and plan, enshrined in their silent lofty seatsLong silences reign meals, wine laced with disappointment, manners carefully neat Reluctant lives adopted, forgo dreams once dreamt, new faces mingleRacing wary heartbeats give way to fingers that now with anticipation tingle The deep knowing stranger's probing eyes with hope gazeAccustomed, familiar laughter mixes with Summer's... Continue Reading →



I point at people, shoot a smile Stare at my handiwork for a while Enter dark broken dreamy rooms With a flash I dispel the gloom Shy giggles at first, confident red lips that pout Others more wary, hastily turn about Eyes that light up quick to seduce Fearful, wary, avert gaze and refuse A... Continue Reading →


The honest king knows no songHe knows no summerNo homeNo lie The jester knows no sorrowNor mirth. Nor truth.Not even hateFesters in his heart of late The old woman up the hillKnows all, but little elseKnowing not of tomorrowBut knows God, like her own The beggar begs, knowing littleKnowing he has nothingThat nothing is goodKnows he is good... Continue Reading →

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