Find a comfy chair after 7 p.m.

I still cannot remember my alternate career epiphany. But, then I am partially blonde now so it's more difficult for me to remember things. Well meaningless clich├ęs wasn't the point of this blog post. India's Daughter was. Heard of it? Well now you have. Go watch it. Well, here's the thing. You seemingly can't watch... Continue Reading →



I recently had a conversation with some friends at work about alternate careers. My initial answer was "critic" - books, food, people, places - I would love to write about any of these with my very critical, cynical, catty world view of course. And then later, I had this brilliant, mind-blowing epiphany about what I... Continue Reading →

Of hats and sharp objects.

Turns out I am terrible at addictions. Couldn't sustain a smoking habit every time I tried. I am however very good with short term obsessions. Current object of my obsession is Cillian Murphy. I cannot stop cyber stalking this insanely private person. But to be fair, more than him, it's Thomas Shelby I am after.... Continue Reading →

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