Yellow shoes and mini-meals :-)

My day started reliving my Asda/Tesco/Sainbury visits. The huge ones. The ones you can run down  teeming aisles of. The ones where you think of a product and you find it. I found my slice of retail (sub section:grocery) heaven: Metro super market.

After an hour of deliberation and deep thought over err a number of very essential items which may or may not have entailed “Yipee! Whadisdat! I must try that. Let’s chuck it in this huge cart which is way too empty”, came the equally long and efficient -in your 90s ka kirana shop- billing system. And they don’t even take (my ever increasing pile of) sodexho coupons. 😦

Post exhaustive shopping expedition came a long awaited visit to A2B for my mini-meal. The filter coffee was most excellent but personally, I, as a reluctant eater of South Indian food as some of you know, have had better. There I said it. Mishali, you can kill me.

But here is what the hyped platter looked like:


Later the same day ( I know, *gasp gasp* the usually sedentary Pokhila be like a whirling dervish today! ) I went furniture scouting with my flatmates. We didn’t find any owing to the fact that what we want isn’t err tacky enough to be sold but we did eat yummy random roadside egg pakodas.

Bought a lot of “hot chips” – locally designed, excitingly spicy and Indian and deep fried in relatively fresh oil, crisps for sustenance.


Behind the hot chips is my favourite lil Mallu-Punjabi kudi – Bobby. Maker of mouth watering food, even better ginger (and now Moroccon) chai and dancer to any happy beat.

And then we saw some pretty wrought iron design/workshop:



At one point Bobby needed to sit, so sit she did:


We also located the Sign Factory:


Means ab now you know.

And of course the yellow shoes. Fourth I have owned in succession owing to excessive partiality to colour 🙂 :


Pokhila also invented/adapted and made very first South Indian tomato chutney with peanuts and chana daal and a jeera, mustard seed, chilly tadka.

Verdict: Pokhila can’t unleash it to the world yet but it has immense potential. And tastes yummy with bread.

I also attempted aloo poshto. It’s not there yet in terms of queuing Bengali gentlemens falling at my feet to marry me, but ondabhay I say.

Bobby, dekh li? Post likh di main. *grin*


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