You are poison to me

So I was at home on holiday/sabbatical/downtime etc. And at home one must do/eat/watch what the ‘homies’ decree, which I am more than happy to do cause it saves me the trouble of deciding for myself. Yes, the Taurean downtime brooks no activity. None. Recently, a channel called Zindagi orbited into my mother’s Anandi/Simar/Madhubala dotted life. No, these are not my siblings. Protagonists of shows she would cringe and watch, turn off midway in disgust or grumble to/at with alternative dialog/courses of action they could have taken instead. The Zindagi shows (popularly called dramas) show her (unintended pun now intended) a different kind of TV, reminiscent of the pre saas-bahu era, and one that she’s falling ever deeper in love with. Minus the dramatic music, tacky clothes and only five inane dialogues in forty minutes that had become synonymous with Indian TV, the dramas are sheer story oriented treats – always with an unexpected twist. Aside  from the masterful storytelling and versatile acting (the same people are more or less in all the shows), the very good looking men also lend to the case. (Yes, we too are enamored by Fawad Khan). The language is mellifluous and precise. The syntax & diction is beautiful – sheer poetry. And my favourite recurring line?  “Tum/Woh mujhe zeher lagti ho/hai.” Brilliant. 😀


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