New tricks, yes, but same old dogs.

After months of waiting and plotting & planning and mounting anticipation came to us wrapped in a green hospital blanket and a scrunched up wrinkly  leetil thing. Me very first, brand new niece: Aaradhya “Sana” Goswami. Now a month old, an extremely feisty, determined pink bundle ushering in the best kind of phases in every family. Beginnings.

There is nothing nicer than beginnings. Any kind is good, some are better than other others. The start of new weeks for example, is always a welcome event for work related issues. One hopes optimistically, that last week, the long one that refused to end and gave you heartburn was an anomaly, and this week, this new bright batch of five days has the promise of less work, fewer emails, and infinite more tea breaks than the last. New months are even better. Like September. All my shows were back with new seasons and I had forgiven the ones with bad last season endings because, let’s face it, summer shows are so blah. But now, October is obviously going to be much better than September. Duh! September sounds only ekdum dreary! October = Oktoberfest, beer, galas, not-September, yaii! But wait till you hit say, 13th of October. November starts looking like the bee’s knees. Of course, you’re going to “start” all the pending chores in the new month. No use starting now. 13th doesn’t have a good “feel” to it anyways. 1st is always opportune/auspicious/correct/apt time to start,

Birthdays and new years are also a good point to chalk up new life courses and write up a soon forgotten to-do list, diet plans, resolutions etc. Those usually get penned down in the morning and after your second or twentieth Cuba Libre err cupcake (of course), the location of the list is lost to all mankind until ten years later, in the flurry of a reluctant spring clean session, you find it carefully folded and appropriately faded. You read, reminisce and you chuckle to yourself. You even show it to your friends and family, and all marvel at your optimistic, youthful zeal. Now, you know better. You don’t even bother. *smirk* So smart, na?

But even better than calendar beginnings are complete environmental and locational overhauls. Okay, I don’t mean shifting from a dying Earth that eerily resembles Indian slums to Elysium, resembling oft cinematically showcased Beverly Hills (I watched that film recently, nothing new to report. Yes, Matt Damon dies), though I’m sure, that was a extremely welcome beginning for all concerned. But, even better, considering the niggling aspect of reality and all, is moving to a new place.  I recently moved to a loverly new house, all sunshine, trees, birds and more importantly: SPACE. All these birds chirping, sun beams lighting up my every step, flowers blooming and dipping their heads in the breeze to greet me etc., gives me immense zeal to pursue new possibilities. So far I have been in my new digs for about a fortnight and in case you are wondering, I still love it, and the newness hasn’t worn off but I have decided that the first month of moving in is all about getting comfortable and err, getting used to things, places, people etc and err, as such the second month into new said digs is when the real, actual new things have to start. No?

So, November 1st, tally-ho!


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