All about the treble.

I recently watched Interstellar. And I am reeling since. I also feel insignificant and pretty useless in the general scheme of things. Yeah. Oh, and my flatmate managed to dislocate her knee cap and I am the designated Florence Nightingale.

Okay, back to Interstellar. After many glasses of Chenin Blancs, I am of the opinion that mahogany tinted furniture makes a house look nice and warm. Yeah, I ain’t talking about Interstellar on the interweb. I don’t want to sound like a fool, fool. In other news I have found myself new digs with aforementioned flatmate of the dislocated patella fame. I am currently furnishing it and my two-suitcase escape plan no longer holds water. Unless my furniture and miscellaneous pieces of home appliances can be folded into a tidy little square and be put into one of said suitcases.

Another welcome addition into my new little household is, hence the Chenin Blancs. They deliver the booze to you now. That’s real technology if you ask me. Everything else is neither here nor there. Mostly there in five dimensional space, ’cause the alcohol is now here. πŸ˜€


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