Parental Guidance Advisory

First there’s the wedding boom, and then, the baby boom. You can’t escape it. It’s everywhere. It starts as an innocuous wedding invite here, a status update there, honeymoon pictures on your feed (seriously, no one needs to see those), and then, boom! You’re an ‘auntie’ to 50 newborns. I cannot log into my Facebook account without at least 100 updates on friends’ baby pictures. Yes, I have surpassed the wedding boom, and am firmly lodged in what I call, the baby epidemic. I am a known single cynic, so I can use the “e” word. Or in other words, I don’t care. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love my friends’ children. But why are they the only thing I see off late on my social  media feed? I can’t help but wonder at how our parents raised us without sharing our day-to-day, well, everything, constantly with their friends. And yet, my parents’ friends seem to love us no less, in fact with more unfeigned affection than I can claim for some of my friends’ kids. Again, this is not a rant. Just an observation of changing social trends.  I love taking photographs and sharing them with my friends. I am just of the opinion that we leave our children to do the same with their friends. A milestone birthday/event, sure. A great photograph, you say? Go ahead and share these treasured moments with your friend list, why don’t you. But every day? Every nap? Every burp? Every spit-up? Every yawn? Every grin? Every frown? After ‘Yawn #25’, it’s pretty much “Un-follow posts”. And I am thankful to Facebook for allowing me to have the option of how much ‘baby’ I allow filtered into my daily orbit. Do we really need to expose our children to this extent on the internet? Call me a witch, grouch, or any baby hating name you can think of, I don’t care, ’cause I dearly love little kids, even though with short tolerance spans at this point in life. I am glad my niece, now a little more than a year old, has her internet privacy. God knows how every baby is already blatantly bared to the world on account of how ‘they’re so small, they don’t care if people see them naked’, they don’t need to be paraded on the web 24/7 just ’cause your phone’s photo gallery has a ‘share on Facebook/Instagram/what have you’ button. I guess I’d need to be a parent to understand this urge, and if and when the time comes, everyone is invited to call me a hypocrite. But for now, if you have an infant, please think twice before uploading every photo you take of your child to the internet. At least save the uploading for the great moments, the milestones, where you delight your friends, not dissuade them from procreating.


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