The bleating of sheep

The thing about higher roads is that they seldom lead you anywhere but the very lonely, angry pinnacle. Recently, a colleague of mine sermonized to me, in a very concerned manner, about why I should get married soon, preferably by the time I’m 35 as otherwise there’ll be something “lacking” in me and by the time I’m 40, I will be “weird”. I bit my tongue, took the high road, smiled a benign smile and retorted with a mildly amused “Really?” and waited to leave the room.

I thought I had handled it fine. I didn’t react (violently). Didn’t get into an argument (rare for me), didn’t take visible umbrage and I (assumed) would laugh it off one day. Well… the thing is… I am not that person. I have no regrets with my choices, and I don’t feel incomplete in any way, shape or form. Would I like to marry? Hell, yeah! But to the right person, at the right time, no compromises and certainly not out of acquiescence or pressure.

It ate me up inside till I woke up a few days later, furious at myself, great big angry tears rolling down my cheeks. How could I have let someone speak to me that way? No doubt it’s their view, but why allow it to be said so casually at me as if I needed to beget that ill-advised piece of drivel.

Then it struck me. The high road has nothing to do with situations like these where people take it upon themselves to give you life lessons from THEIR lives and narrow-minded observations. I am not here to make assumptions about theirs, why should they do so with mine? Were I one of those who hang on to people’s words and take advice from people who have maxed their brain development at the age of ‘creationism must be real’ OR an altitude loving goat, I would have started enrolling myself in various schemes to find myself a suitable life companion five years ago. A companion who would purportedly validate my existence ’cause god forbid, I didn’t want to be LACKING.

Really, who are you people and where do you get off? You are happy with your life? Great! You are satisfied with your partner, family and circumstance? I couldn’t be happier for you. But, please, please refrain from giving me your two cents on what I should do with my life. I wasn’t born of you, don’t live off you, depend on you, nor do I think you’re particularly enlightened… so BUZZ THE HELL OFF.


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