Yellow shoes and the elusive clay pot

Recently my yellow shoes took me to a mini hunt for clay pots (with corresponding saucers – somehow the concept be lost on the fancy ‘gardening’ shops who have the design aesthetics of a tellytubby! But that’s the subject for another rant).


We met a surly gentleman who was convinced everything was too expensive for us to buy. I mean I know we like a good bargain and my offer for most things starts at 50 rupees but we aren’t sorry looking to the extent that business owners start dissuading us from making a purchase. Achcha, so we did kinda wear slightly worn out track pants. But they could be Juicy Couture no?

There were some lovely orchids and succulents which Bob and Pokhila have secretly started a love affair with and will acquire soon.




We did locate a more promising garden store called The Jade Garden on Assaye Road near our house and after a brief chat with the proprietor (who was friendly and forthcoming and eager to please like business owners are supposed to be! Hmph!) we have a ressurection strategy for our existing plants who are currently in a constant battle for nutrients and water. But even better than that, we now have an expansion plan for a bigger indoor garden with vibrantly hued terracotta pots. Yay. I can almost hear Pom groaning not too inwardly.


As per usual, the clan got sidetracked with a handmade chocolate store. In our defence, the place was called Chocolate Garden. So there. Could have been about flowers so we went in to investigate. After a quick but comprehensive tasting session here are our findings: notable flavours are coffee, chilli and cognac. The chilli one was my favourite. The surprising aftertaste of hot chilli warming your throat was absolutely divine. There was also a 74% dark affair which was gorgeous. Reminded me of the huge 80% dark lindt bars me and Arundhati used to savour for weeks. Mostly because we were poor students and it was Lindt and not Amul chocolate (which I’m convinced is not real chocolate). They also do picture frame chocolates where you get to eat a cherished likeness of yourself and your significant other. Somehow the idea of photo cakes never appealed to me and this even less so.


There was also a rather disappointing search for a washing machine sometime that same day. And a failed attempt at trying to watch Besharam, possibly the worst film I’ve seen of late and I’m taking Raaz 3 into account. Sigh.

My yellow shoes be looking to take me to a different city soon, on not happy prospects, but life’s like that. 😦

Pokhila out.


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