The family episode

Bad times come in rapid relentless succession. Saddled with a month old baby, the Delhi Goswami contingent is going through a bout of phenomenal bad luck. A month old niece who doesn’t sleep unless rocked and barely lets her mom rest, a brother who contracted dengue while crusading for the resurrection of a neighbourhood park and a mother who woke up at 4am one morning and experienced a frightening episode of viral vertigo is now on a week long bed rest and a hapless help is sadly overworked but smiles through it all. The Assam contingent isn’t thriving either but poor ol’ Pop is somehow managing fighting a cold + flu and providing meals for himself all on his lonesome.


The sole Bangalore member shod in her yellow shoes is now in Delhi doing her best Florence Nightingale bit. A role she isn’t born into but has realised bullying and cajoling can go a long way in the caregiving industry. But even so, has forbidden any more illness to befall near and dear ones.

Saffera, the Golden Retriever/Labrador mix is well rested and untroubled by most things. A delay in incoming morning and evening meals/snack can cause minor periods of concern, but a friendly enough nudge and tail wag with mournful, melting brown eyes soon fixes such problems.

Sigh. This too shall pass. And all that jazz.


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