Job Openings! I haven't been writing recently cause I have no time. I have no time because I am inundated with work and need bright young things to help me. If you want me to write more and/or are a bright young thing living in (or would like to relocate to) Bangalore, please send in... Continue Reading →


Lunch with the beautiful Bhattacharjee sisters at Cafe Max!

The mother of all waylays. On a quick trip to Commercial Street to pick up a few necessities in what can be best described as deathcab for Priya (sorry, Sonu, you have got to calm down :P), we end up buying pretty outfits in Fab India and then a prolonged lunch in a very Halloween... Continue Reading →

12yr old Dreamers

Kim Kardashian is getting married again. But this time I suppose the cause is noble(r). I do admit I like her with the blonde hair. Somehow it makes her look less vapid. If that were a possibility, that is. Her recent selfie in the white swimsuit (I would like to see someone do a freestyle... Continue Reading →

New tricks, yes, but same old dogs.

After months of waiting and plotting & planning and mounting anticipation came to us wrapped in a green hospital blanket and a scrunched up wrinkly  leetil thing. Me very first, brand new niece: Aaradhya "Sana" Goswami. Now a month old, an extremely feisty, determined pink bundle ushering in the best kind of phases in every... Continue Reading →

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