Job Openings!

Job Openings! I haven’t been writing recently cause I have no time. I have no time because I am inundated with work and need bright young things to help me. If you want me to write more and/or are a bright young thing living in (or would like to relocate to) Bangalore, please send in your resumes to

Sferastudios, Bangalore, a Digital Media Services company specializing in subtitling & localization is hiring for the following positions:

>HR Recruiter (3 month contract)

>English Editors (6 month contract, multiple positions)

>Project Coordinators & Support Roles (6 month contract, multiple positions)

If you are interested in any of these roles or know of anyone who would be, please let me know via comments. For the editorial roles you would need to have excellent grasp over the English language & colloquialisms and a good understanding of grammar & punctuation rules. Required skills for the coordinator/support positions are good verbal & written communication, flexibility and time management.

Experience: 0-2 years. Email your resumes to

Company website:  


Lunch with the beautiful Bhattacharjee sisters at Cafe Max!

The mother of all waylays. On a quick trip to Commercial Street to pick up a few necessities in what can be best described as deathcab for Priya (sorry, Sonu, you have got to calm down :P), we end up buying pretty outfits in Fab India and then a prolonged lunch in a very Halloween themed Cafe Max at Indiranagar. Happy Karnataka Day to us, indeed! Had the most amazing food followed by a scrumptious chocolate cake 😀




Beef Fillet Roulade


Crusted Fish Spanish Style


Bitter Chocolate Cake




Mishali checks out Gerard, the German.




I think I needn’t mention (but I am) that we never made it to Commercial Street to buy said essential items.


12yr old Dreamers

Kim Kardashian is getting married again. But this time I suppose the cause is noble(r). I do admit I like her with the blonde hair. Somehow it makes her look less vapid. If that were a possibility, that is. Her recent selfie in the white swimsuit (I would like to see someone do a freestyle length of the pool wearing that) was also commendable as she had started resembling Cinderella’s pumpkin carriage around the time of Nori’s birth. Though why I’m rambling on about her I have not a clue. I was to write about a quaint little boy I met yesteday. A solemn, delicate little elfin child with serious, beautiful eyes thickly fringed with the longest eyelashes I have seen since the Kardashian female clan (ah, there it is).

This boy, the oldest offspring of my brother’s part time help tagged along with his mother, an equally emaciated 25 yr old woman called Sunita. She was married off at 13 and had him soon after, but that’s another story. While his spunky mother cleaned the house and chatted up a storm with my mother, a conversation both heartwrenching and grotesquely fascinating at the same time, he, a nonchalant 12 year old, was content sitting in a corner and practising his slingshot aim with naught but his imagination. Saffera the friendly household Golden Lab, having tried her utmost to engage him in a friendly game or atleast get some pats & cuddles, being usually irresistible, failed and sat resignedly at a respectable enough distance. She watched him nose twitching, with undisclosed awe having never before been turned down by one of his stature. “Who was this intruder who didn’t want to fuss over her obvious awesomeness?”

I tried to engage him in some conversation myself with a time-tested, unbeaten ploy where boys and for that matter men are concerned. Armed with a plateful of sweets and savoury snacks, I approached him only to be rebuffed with a polite “I don’t like eating these, thanks.” Not willing to accept quick defeat, I did manage to entice into his hands a nutty biscuit I had got from Anand Sweets in Bangalore on my last trip. A poor choice of word, this “entice”, I admit, considering how with a long suffering expression, reasoning with himself that it was the only way to rid himself of me, he took one politely and dismissed me and my ill practiced entreaties.

I left him to his devices and Saffera’s growing befuddlement. Here was someone who not only refused her, a fluffy golden ball of love,  but food as well. “What was this world coming to?” she thought and huffed in disdain.

Later, once he left with his mom, after she had partaken of post work tea and snacks, I learnt of the boy’s life from my mother. Falling two floors down when he was just 7 months, whilst chasing after an errant cat, had resulted in a head trauma that more or less sealed his fate for life. A life of being different, something not kindly taken to in his family or society. Okay, let’s face it, ANYwhere for that matter. Concentration has never been his strong point since and neither is conventional social behaviour. On a jaunt to a nearby store with his brother when he was 3 or 4, he bit his tongue clean in half. He was hopping in lieu of walking and tripped, biting down hard. Sunita matter of factly told my already nauseous, vertigo ridden mother of how she held his tongue in her hand and took her son to the hospital for it to be stitched back. A year or so later the same little boy split his chin open playing by himself while being supervised by his alcoholic father. Soon after he began getting epileptic seizures. The onset of these episodes alarm his teachers and classmates and expose him to ridicule and name-calling. However, being self-possessed and determined, he doesn’t pay them much heed and has decided what he wants to do with his life. His dream is to dance. To dance in Bollywood movies to be precise.

He is passionate about dancing and his mother fiercely asserts despite her qualms that he is very good at it. She worries about his education and her means to get him dance lessons. One can make out, my mother said to me, that she hasn’t ruled out that option yet. As all mothers she wants him to be happy, but Sunita knows making her son’s dream come true with his present condition and negligible medical help will be a distant reality.  For now she wants him to complete year 10 at school before anything else can be determined. He has constant trouble with structure and academics but is not particularly perturbed that he is unlike his peers in school. He also works part time as an embroiderer in old Delhi making beautiful designs on anarkali suits come to life under the beady eyes of some embroidery masterji.

In his free time he fills in for his mother and takes care of his younger siblings, making them hot rotis and entertaining them with his latest moves, dreams of dancing in Bollywood alongside a big star, maybe even of becoming a star himself, makes periodic 3 am visits to G.B. Pant hospital in Daryaganj for post seizure check up with his mother to beat the rush, and of course, practices his slingshot aim.


New tricks, yes, but same old dogs.

After months of waiting and plotting & planning and mounting anticipation came to us wrapped in a green hospital blanket and a scrunched up wrinkly  leetil thing. Me very first, brand new niece: Aaradhya “Sana” Goswami. Now a month old, an extremely feisty, determined pink bundle ushering in the best kind of phases in every family. Beginnings.

There is nothing nicer than beginnings. Any kind is good, some are better than other others. The start of new weeks for example, is always a welcome event for work related issues. One hopes optimistically, that last week, the long one that refused to end and gave you heartburn was an anomaly, and this week, this new bright batch of five days has the promise of less work, fewer emails, and infinite more tea breaks than the last. New months are even better. Like September. All my shows were back with new seasons and I had forgiven the ones with bad last season endings because, let’s face it, summer shows are so blah. But now, October is obviously going to be much better than September. Duh! September sounds only ekdum dreary! October = Oktoberfest, beer, galas, not-September, yaii! But wait till you hit say, 13th of October. November starts looking like the bee’s knees. Of course, you’re going to “start” all the pending chores in the new month. No use starting now. 13th doesn’t have a good “feel” to it anyways. 1st is always opportune/auspicious/correct/apt time to start,

Birthdays and new years are also a good point to chalk up new life courses and write up a soon forgotten to-do list, diet plans, resolutions etc. Those usually get penned down in the morning and after your second or twentieth Cuba Libre err cupcake (of course), the location of the list is lost to all mankind until ten years later, in the flurry of a reluctant spring clean session, you find it carefully folded and appropriately faded. You read, reminisce and you chuckle to yourself. You even show it to your friends and family, and all marvel at your optimistic, youthful zeal. Now, you know better. You don’t even bother. *smirk* So smart, na?

But even better than calendar beginnings are complete environmental and locational overhauls. Okay, I don’t mean shifting from a dying Earth that eerily resembles Indian slums to Elysium, resembling oft cinematically showcased Beverly Hills (I watched that film recently, nothing new to report. Yes, Matt Damon dies), though I’m sure, that was a extremely welcome beginning for all concerned. But, even better, considering the niggling aspect of reality and all, is moving to a new place.  I recently moved to a loverly new house, all sunshine, trees, birds and more importantly: SPACE. All these birds chirping, sun beams lighting up my every step, flowers blooming and dipping their heads in the breeze to greet me etc., gives me immense zeal to pursue new possibilities. So far I have been in my new digs for about a fortnight and in case you are wondering, I still love it, and the newness hasn’t worn off but I have decided that the first month of moving in is all about getting comfortable and err, getting used to things, places, people etc and err, as such the second month into new said digs is when the real, actual new things have to start. No?

So, November 1st, tally-ho!