Ring ’em up!

Weirdly enough for some people, boredom is the stepping stone to monumental flashes of inspiration. I am that person. Most of what I do, down to career paths culminate out of phases of epic boredom. Changing jobs, changing locations, changing education streams. All out of boredom.  Even hobbies start and finish with waves and troughs of boredom. Also, mostly once I get good at something, it ceases to interest me. I wonder what that is about. But this post was supposed to about something else. Let’s stop ranting and concentrate. Yoga music – yes, very calming. I see why having pan pipe music and similar is good whilst doing yoga and reading. In the absence of Pom’s piano playing, one must  make do with other sources of life’s soundtrack. Also, Gourmet on MG road is not the most efficient grocer. No, that wasn’t it, either. Oh, yeah, the current state of affairs of cool online places to buy interesting things from (from things I mean clothes, bags, shoes and fantastic accessories).

I have steered clear of the obvious Amazon, Jabong, Myntra and Flipkart, cause if you haven’t heard of them, you should crawl back under that rock from whence you emerged, and also, there is nothing personal about these. I’d rather go for stores where the clothes and ilk are carefully handpicked and styled. So these are my top picks:

The A-J-Store. – This one is a brainchild of one of my juniors in college. We were in adjacent social groups and had occasional run-ins, and even back then, I loved the way she would style herself. She has this confident effortless way of blending in, sometimes the most seemingly out-of-context clothes and accessories into something stylish and chic. She models her own wares on her online store and gives you a definite sense of what the outfit/accessory will look like. Most importantly, in this day and age of fleeting fashions, her stuff is reasonably priced – so definite good value for money directly from someone who has her finger on the latest fashion pulse.

The Fabulous Aien Jamir

Tailorman – This one’s for the boys! And every girl who likes a man in a well tailored, bespoke suit. At least, I do. I have grown up around men who have had their suits expertly cut and tailored – old school style. My father always had a regular appointment at his outfitters on almost every visit to Kolkata – vestigial suit makers from colonial times, with superb finishing and design aesthetics, and same goes now for my brother. Buying ready-made suits may be cheaper and less to deal with, but if you are a man who likes to suit up (not just has to), BESPOKE, BESPOKE, BESPOKE all the way! So, if you are in Bangalore and on the lookout for good suit makers/tailors… pay these guys a visit. They also tailor shirts!

Suit up!

Tungs10:  For the kitschy homemaker and accessory lover in you, this is one of the nicest places to buy cool things from. They have really interesting prints, blending history and pop art in bright colours and bold pattern choices. I found their cushion covers extremely interesting, and their bags are pretty cool too. I wouldn’t say they are the most reasonable store around, but if you want something different and unique, they are definitely a good place to try. They have a blog & the range online in different stores like this one  🙂 Ooh, and they have cash on delivery 😀

For more funky things for your home (especially if you get hypnotised by bright colours like I do) check Madras Mambalam out.  I can stare at their wares for hours till I am am drooly and googly-eyed.



Rangkosh – If you are a fan of silver jewellery, this is a store you should check out. I came across them at a Soul Sante market (a lovely flea market with so much to see and covet – clothes, craft, food, music – all in one venue, but more about the awesome Soul Sante later…) recently and was super impressed by the adapted traditional pieces and contemporary designs by two lovely girls. Have a look 🙂


Two other stores which have impressed me are Candidly Couture and The Bombay Story – These are again affordable online shopping stores for women. They have a good sense of styles & trends and easy shopping/payment/shipping options. So, the next time you are staring at racks of  listless clothes trying to make the best bet out of a bad lot, try one of these online stores instead, and I am sure there are tonnes more which I haven’t yet come across.

Happy retail therapy!


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