Almost famous :D

Recently I got myself featured on a fashion blog which me and Arundhati read occasionally. It was  my way of doing something small for my friends and a reminder of what a blessed year we spent together. Style.Ok.Please: Colourful Days

This was my  bit to Bharti (Style.Ok.Please blogger) of which she has used some text in her blog 🙂

“So me and Arundhati have been friends now almost a decade, the kinds that say the same things at the same moment, finish each other’s sentences, some up incongruous words if nothing in the dictionary fits etc., with Diya, take a few years and less telepathy but the same amount of “crazy”. We met in Bangalore, connected by the same college & common friends. Bonding over limited pocket money and shared coffee (2/3 hours over one cappuchino is a feat), hopes & dreams. And as fate would have it, we keep getting separated and reunited ever so often. I was the first to go away to London in 2010 (to pursue an MBA and eventually work there), Arundhati and Diya followed suit in 2011 (Arundhati by marriage, Diya (for her MSc Psych). So, we got another opportunity to spend a crazy year exploring London, shopping, catching shows & musicals, taking endless walks down quintessential London streets. Diya was especially good at keeping a tab on trends, she even knew the Mango, H&M and Zara Sale cycles, for which she would be relentlessly teased (and relied upon). She is now working as a Therapist in two establishments in Kolkata. Arundhati blossomed into her role of a wife, homemaker and is now a Research Fellow at Birbeck University, researching a cure for TB (I am mad proud of this woman, but I shan’t say it to her face so here it is, Ditty). A regular feature to this ensemble is Anando, Arundhati’s amazing husband, a VP at Barclays Capital, listener and sharer of baaad jokes and maker of most excellent cocktails and ever willing dispenser of Jack & Coke, and in this instance willing memory catcher.

I think more than any particular incident, this picture marks a really happy time spent. Now, we are all separated yet again, flung across different cities, but every time I see this picture, it instantly transports me back to that moment (especially the amazing lunch at Tayyabs). And of course, the colours just add to the essence of our friendship ”

Here’s us again windswept and happy 😀



4 thoughts on “Almost famous :D

  1. Awwle growler! we will be re-united for our awesome threesome pic soon (ok now that just sounds weird)

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