All things Bengaluru

The sun: Shines down at 30-32 degrees C every day. Relentless, unavoidable, it follows me wherever I go. I am now many shades different and differently shaded as per exposure. Life without the fan is inconceivable and with A/C is heaven. For a city which used to have natural air conditioned weather, this is a huge disappointment.

Queuing – an unknown art: Slowly getting used to deflecting incoming elbows and armpits in my face in crowded huddles masquerading to be queues at tills. There is no “excuse me”, “sorry”, only “swalpa adjust madi” (kindly adjust). I don’t mind, my body has started adjusting through muscle memory but it’s amazing how people just don’t want to learn basic courtesies.
Meter gondogul alert: Auto meters are notoriously tweaked to charge more than the requisite rates. Note to self: trust only digital meters. And the minimum is now Rs. 20. When I came to the city 10 years ago it was Rs. 8!
Auto music: I love this 😀 The louder and racier the better. I was serenaded by Himmesh just yesterday. Sigh. 😉
Indian KFC: Good. Oh, so very, very good! Chicken: Good; Shots: Goood; Popcorn Chicken: Gooood; Hot Wings: SOOOO GOOOD!
Empire Grilled Chicken (Church Street): *big grin* other than the fact that Mishali and I couldn’t finish our usual quota (we are thinner and losing our edge, apparently), it was heavenly to eat this much awaited food.
Matteo Café: Again on Church Street, my latest favourite spot. The chicken club sandwich and lemon iced tea are very good. I haven’t been able to visit the previous haunt, India Coffee House… The A/C in Matteo might have something to do with this. #RemnantFirstWorldIssues *pout*
City Bar in UB City: Or should I say Bengaluru’s uber cool hangout place cause every “cool” person is found loitering in and around the UB City courtyard, not sitting though, cause that would usher in security guards in 2 seconds. The music at City Bar was crappy and the crowd had an age range of 17-21 and/or old predatorial men drinking alone at the bar. So not going there again. The other two even “cooler” joints at UB City: Shiro and Sky Bar have prohibitive entry rates. But we’ll just say they aren’t “our type”. 😛
Therefore, yet to find a replacement for Hint. But, then again, maybe we have outgrown that. No harm scouting though, no harm at all.
Plan B (Castle Street): Should always be your PLAN A! The food is awesome, the music is what I can sing along (loudly) to and the wait staff is most excellent – friendly and cheerful. As Pom and I moan and groan over sausages wrapped in bacon, for more adventurous eaters, the ABS (Ass Burning Spicy) chicken wings will sear the insides of your mouths.  I did sample the Firecracker wings, a step below ABS and thought the spice to inhibit the taste, so, definitely not trying the ABS for self. Oh, and did I mention cheesy fries with bacon? Y-U-M-M-Y!
This is my replacement for the now closed down Java City at Church Street. I sure do miss my live Jazz & Blues nights there.
Monkey Bar: Full of err, youthful (?) college kids. I missed out on the age requirement by miles. In and out in 5 minutes. Pom says it’s good for foosball. I take her for her word.
Grill House: In Ulsoor, this place has some good desserts. Better Than (Bad) Sex and the Chocolate Lava Cake are notable achievements of this joint. Although why the wait staff have to wear cowboy gear is unfathomable.
Pepper Café: South African Peri-Peri Chicken. Please go eat this and cool your taste buds with an Oreo Cheesecake afterwards! 
The “Priya, stop smiling” syndrome: I am used to smiling at wait staff and general shop attendants, it’s nice to be polite but nicer to be nice to people who try and help you. But sometimes it begets creepiness and stalking inclinations. I have asked my friends to monitor my automatic smile response and tell me when it could result in more than free doughnuts at Krispy Kreme. Oh, that reminds me, Krispy Kreme: Pom’s favourite: glazed Cinnamon. Mine: Come on! Once I see the words “RED VELVET” my mind is closed to all else.
Town Essentials: The bestest and mostest convenient online grocery (and other essentials) shopping website. The stuff is clean, fresh, well packed and much cheaper than physical stores. They don’t do meat and poultry, but I can live with that. I hope all towns and cities have similar sites one can opt for.
Palazzo Pants: I have an obscene obsession with these. I know for my questionable height these pants are a fashion no-no, but the heart wants what the heart wants and wallet permitting they shall acquire them. 😀 My research shows they have different materials and patterns and my heart is set on cotton ones from Code in Lifestyle. For anyone interested Mint (in Garuda Mall & Commercial street) does them in plain lined Chiffon, pleated Chiffon and Lycra. Now to rummage through my wallet and hope for the best.
Neon: Neon clothes and accessories are totally in and my good pal Mishali wants EVERYTHING neon we see (though only from Mango and Vero Moda and other snooty brands.) She even conned me into buying a yellow neon scarf at Splash (another old favourite store) which I promptly exchanged when I came to (took one look at the scarf in sunlight and ran back to the store). Oddly the Splash attendant also tried his darnedest to convince me it was indeed yellow and not MC Hammer’s favourite hue. Smiling helped me out here too.
Smile: 2 – Frown: 0
Revisited: Elements, Au Bon Pain, Popsies, Dominos, Empire – no disappointments there!
Old friends and New: 8 down, many more to go!
So much more to do and write about, but I am kinda enjoying myself way too much to bother. 😀
Namma Bengaluru. Out!

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