Once You Go Black, You Can Go Back

Ashish Shakya

One of my favourite moments from the news this week was the sight of white smoke finally emanating from the Sistine Chapel, thus signifying the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S4. (Or as Apple calls it, the Pritam Phone)

But what really caught my attention were the reports about India’s top private sector banks, i.e. ICICI, HDFC and Axis, going the extra mile to keep customers happy by laundering their money for them. Or as their marketing teams call it, ‘Personalised Swiss Standard Systematic Scalable Cross-Platform Financial Camouflage Assistance Synergy Paradigm Shift PPT Let’s Touch Base Jhol’. The expose was carried out by an online magazine called Cobrapost, famous for other exposes such as ‘Gung-Ho: The Most Inbred Redneck G.I Joe’ and ‘Baroness Topless Pictures Leaked!’

(Hey Cobrapost, if you’re a news magazine that pulls off serious stings, why would you want your name to sound like Nagraj fan-mail? And that’s…

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