This is Mary Antoinette. Cake eater, bread rejecter. My mom’s adopted stray, she meows outside a side door at meal times, and my mother obliges with small tasty morsels of fish and chicken from the day’s meal. She loves fried, salty food. Loathes raw meats, biscuits she eats on pain of starvation and bread only when soaked in cream. If she can help it, she licks up all the cream and leaves the bread for lesser mortals (a.k.a: the neighbor’s dog). If there is a wedding nearby, she’s gone for 3 days, sampling the wedding menu leftovers, but she always finds her way back (well, wedding season doesn’t last forever.) She took to me immediately, rubbing herself affectionately against my legs, purring and demanded food on sight (okay, so I introduced her to Amul cream) and loves to play with strings, balls, things which make rattling sounds and hates being brushed. In summer she stalks butterflies like her illustrious cousins stalking game in the savannah, but never really manages to catch them. She answers to clinking on the door grille and looks  her endearing best just before the food is served. Her pet name is Miu-Miu. She distrusts boys and keeps a vary eye out for the local tabby and the occasional cow.










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