The weary watchers scheme and plan, enshrined in their silent lofty seats

Long silences reign meals, wine laced with disappointment, manners carefully neat


Reluctant lives adopted, forgo dreams once dreamt, new faces mingle

Racing wary heartbeats give way to fingers that now with anticipation tingle


The deep knowing stranger’s probing eyes with hope gaze

Accustomed, familiar laughter mixes with Summer’s dappled sunlight haze


Autumn leaves burnt and fallen, rustle torn and frayed

Hearts many conditions and rules abide will even love again if they may


The Winter cruel hastens to it memories that reality divide

Dreams brought forth locked, usher an overwhelming, crashing, destructive tide


Spirits, past and present echo, flit teasingly, fading in the gloom

Some of that which was once lost reprise like Spring flowers in shy bloom


A lonely alley cat stalks it’s unwary prey and stares

The small man ever shrinking can shrug off none of his cares


The faithful hound, quivering snout sounds a warning growl

A snickering man through dimly lit ways whistles on his nightly prowl


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