Lavender blues, no! suburban hues
Mystery cues and a dancing muse
Alternative rock to jazz & blues
Why must you and I love confuse?

Why you? Why do I on you insist?
When silence is all I get or an eloquent monosyllabic retort list.
You laugh, you grin, you judgemental sarcasm spew.
I thought you loved me or akin a tremulous feeling grew.

Would you ask, care, want this to be?
Will I for that matter take heed.
I know you belong not in my world- a tangled place of hopes, laughter and dreams
But in more defined surroundings of plans, meetings and boats on unknown streams.

Just when I give up, walk away or try
You with a twist of manner do mystify.
I am here now, I won’t be in a while
I do hope you understand and walk alongside, even if just for a a while


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