To be.

Listen to oneself when no one wants to hear
Syllables of love and pain, of wisdom gained

The heart is always broken, beating near
The mind seldom wrong about love that’s feigned

The waves listen, leave and return to me
A solemn retreat of echoing certainty

The crowds glare, dissipate and let me be
Barely one but alive with my shredded dignity

The ignominy of being kept aside by people you know
Like a slow hammering of a leaden sledge –no, fears, allay

Stricken moments of joy, faith leaping, hearts a-glow
The swift angst of a uneasy mind, thoughts to darker demons sway

Virile, strong.
Blood runs cold, in ridges through

No, it won’t be long
Love grows warm in grey-scale, sepia hue

Adamant tongues scorch, puncture veins deep red
Smiles dispel, disarm, enchant, charms work instead

Happy to linger in bigger shadows unseen
Being swallowed through, terror dulls, blinds your soul

Hesitant to surprise self, lest others glean
Strength, conviction, bright moments that sew you whole

Sitting through an endless chasm of time
Heeding not the wind’s furious gaze

Piecing together words to make a silly rhyme
Content to walk in a circling maze


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