Love captured, prayers bound in a shell
Laughter escapes slowly, a chant, nay, a humming spell

Grins ‘neath a wink, teasing whispers and eyes that furiously blink
Hastily wiped smiles, gulps, washed down in a drink

Giggles swallowed, clothes measured, masked by teacups
A chuckle here, a chortle there, a bout of hiccups

Smothered smiles deepen, secrets shared, quickly avert gaze
Gasping, clutching, spilling, painful sides ablaze

The nervous titter, a shift of weight, the quick glance of a patient bride
The smug smirk, a pat on the back, a snickering the groom cannot hide

The jesters brimming, mothers beaming into exhausted wistful swoons
A host of raucous attenders, well wishers, joy abounds and blooms

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