You looked at me from across the room
I knew I had finally faded from the gloom 
Eyes crept up and searched my face 
Playing furtive little catch-me games 
And again, and again mine too, but slower still
 Gently, just a glance, to my thudding heart's fill 
I could not trust my eyes to not stare 
Something about you did my gaze ensnare 
My heart hummed, I smiled 
You did too, or so I thought, for a while 
Then nothing, nothing for a long unbearable spell 
And then lightning paced we found each other and fell 
Now we play a tedious sport Of yes and no, and maybe not
 You make me laugh, you rob my sleep, 
And with kind words, you make me promises keep
 I know this is it, the one, this feeling I am under
 I tell myself its nothing, it'll pass, I'll get stronger
 But with each passing day, I know to my heart I lie 
Though I know not what, though I know not why

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